Design District Rovinj

Design District, Rovinj, 26. - 29.11.2020.

Design District – an international furniture and interior design fair is intended for everyone who is looking forward to equipping their space, whether it is a tourist or private facility.

Here you will find a complete offer in one place, from design to interior decoration of hotels, villas, apartments, holiday homes, restaurants and other spaces.

The new guest is looking for more than the sun and the sea, he is looking for the stamp of the destination – give him that with a careful selection of furniture and a sophisticated interior designed by experts.​​

Design does not mean that it is unattainably expensive products.

Design means thinking about every detail, which includes appearance, quality of workmanship, selection of modern and long-lasting materials and flirting with the unreal.​

Visit the Design District in Rovinj and be part of a beautiful story about contemporary interiors! Stay inspired by furniture, lighting, floor coverings and many details that make spaces original and personalized for you and your guests.​

Time is too precious to waste visiting many different places in search of products that will enhance your interior. Come to one place, to the old factory in Rovinj, to a place of pleasant socializing, successful business meetings and an extremely large number of different suppliers, and make use of the Fair not only usefully, but also fun.