Design up to the brand

Design up to the brand in 2010.

The first example of collaboration between a large number of wood processing companies with a scientific institution, the Faculty of Architecture, the Design Studio, on the “Design to Brand” project resulted in products of exceptional design value. In this way, the companies involved in the project made their contribution to strengthening the brand of furniture production in our country.

Young designers readily responded to the challenge of the diversity of domestic furniture manufacturers and, in accordance with their instructions, created a whole series of ideas for products that, due to their exceptional value, can appear at world design exhibitions. The immediacy and courage of young people merged with the firm attitudes and experiential knowledge of representatives of furniture manufacturers. and a wonderful combination of imagination and reality, design and product, freshness and solid wood was created.

Prototypes were presented at Ambienta in 2010, and some of them are still included in the standard programs of Croatian furniture makers.

Anyone who had any doubts about the possibility of cooperation between designers, institutions and domestic furniture manufacturers was left without arguments in front of this bright example. A whole series of useful products from kitchens, dining rooms, children’s rooms, interior and exterior doors, TV compositions, but also new products such as “islands for work, socializing or solitude” show that in our country there is strength to create a designer furniture brand and position the Republic of Croatia to the very top of the designer superpowers.

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