Eco furniture design – part two

Eco furniture design - part two

Despite the somewhat higher purchase price (compared to chipboard, lacquered MDF, etc.), there are a number of reasons why you should choose wooden ecological furniture. First of all, it is to preserve the health of people who stay indoors, especially children who are most sensitive to allergens from furniture. When considering the length of life of wooden eco-furniture compared to that made of alternative materials, a simple calculation is made: wooden eco-furniture lasts a hundred years, chipboard furniture maybe five – this means that the former has a much lower price.

Eco tables, chairs, beds, wardrobes, chests of drawers are finished with vegetable oils, so, with the ecological component, its maintenance is very easy. We often witness damage to furniture – chips and cuts leave a permanent mark on the furniture. It is enough to sand and coat wooden ecological furniture and the object is like new again. The longevity of such products can turn into collectibles, so the money invested in individual items will gain additional value after a number of years. Wooden furniture will also create an optimal microclimate in your living space – wood will absorb excess moisture and release it when the space lacks it.

Connect the selection of the necessary and high-quality furniture element with multi-functionality – it is imperative for future housing. With creative use, you can move the object from room to room, giving it a new meaning and expression, and use the money once invested in many ways in a functional and visual sense. Let your purchase start with the details, because living is an ecological process. By carefully purchasing over the years, it is possible to create a quality base of furniture elements that you will use creatively for many years, to the satisfaction of yourself and future generations.